Major Human Error / AJATT Customer Service Backlog

Hey gang,

This is just a little note to let you know that it’s just come to my attention that we’re experiencing a major, catastrophic human failure in the AJATT Customer Service system (read: Veronica in hospital), so a lot of emails have been left hanging.

This is about the third time this year that you’ve had to suffer something like this (human and system error causing delays), so I’m really sorry. Please accept my apologies. We’re working on getting everything running smoothly and making sure responses get handled — help is on the way! Reinforcements are being called in right now.

With so many mistakes you know we’ll…I’ll (I’m trying to dodge responsibility here :D ) eventually get it right, right?

Datewise, we’re looking at having things re-stabilized by November 27.

Thanks for your continued patience and understanding,

Khatz the Somewhat Competent :D

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